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Muscletech Mass-Tech Performance Series
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<p> New MASS-TECH is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for any individual that has a tough time adding size, is in their bulking phase, and/or wants to break through their strength plateaus.</p> <p> 63G PROTEIN</p> <p> MASS-TECH delivers 63g of protein per serving and 80g when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk. The multi-phase protein system supplies fast, medium, and slow-digesting proteins providing critical amino acids to the body at varying speeds.</p> <p> 1000 CALORIES</p> <p> The new, powerful formula now delivers a massive 1000 calories derived from high-quality protein and quickly digested carbohydrates, as well as specialized fats. It is the most versatile weight gainer available, which can be taken once daily or split into two separate half servings.</p> <p> 5G BCAAS</p> <p> The formula&#39;s protein dose supplies 5g of BCAAs, (When mixed with 2 cups of skim milk, MASS-TECH supplies a massive 13 grams of BCAAs and 7g of Leucine) which helps fuel your skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores, and help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown.</p> <p> 5g OMEGA-RICH FATS</p> <p> The full-spectrum formula contains less saturated fat than other weight gainers and is formulated with 5 grams of omega-rich fats, which provides energy-dense calories.</p> <p> <strong>Directions For MASS-TECH:</strong> Mix 1 serving (5 scoops) with 16 oz. (470 mL) of water or skim milk and consume either in the morning, between meals or post-workout. If preferred, you can consume 1/2 serving twice daily. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.</p>

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