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Whey Protein: The Star Performer

Iconic stars and models are frequently seen flaunting a 6 pack or an 8 pack abdomen, it is only natural that their ardent fans would want to follow in their footsteps. The desire for looking leaner and muscular is evident with the number of gymnasiums sprouting at every turn of the road. Muscle building supplements in India are therefore becoming quite a hit as these help an individual add muscle mass even when his natural body tendency may not be so.


A good workout regime no doubt is the road map for achieving shoulders of a bull and waist of a lion, but a good body building supplement is the fuel that you need from time to time in order to keep on track. The nutrition supplements not only help a body builder bulk up his physique but at times also help underweight individuals add mass to their structure.


What supplement to use?
The market would have variety of supplements available on the shelves from hormonal to nutritional besides there are testosterone boosters, growth hormones, energy supplements and dietary supplements. There are specific benefits and disadvantages of different products and therefore one needs to be very careful while choosing a product. Expert advice should be sought to help clear doubts and make the right decision.


The company is backed by sound investors and a team of extremely motivated and highly qualified professionals with a rich experience in the Fitness and Supplements industry.


How do body building supplements work?
While we train our bodies during a workout, there is wear and tear of muscle that happens and then we need the muscle to grow. Protein when broken down into amino acids, helps the muscle in recovery and further on in muscle fiber growth. This protein could come from casein, whey or egg. Whey protein is the most recommended form of protein products in India during workout sessions as it is the easiest to digest and has the highest amino acid profile.


Whey protein in India are available in the form of shakes, powders, bars, drinks, etc. Unlike a lot of other chemical based products, whey protein supplement for weight gain is a more herbal or non-chemical form of supplement hence its effects are more efficient and result in leaner muscle gain..


An overdose of whey protein supplement might cause harm, hence it is always recommended to never increase the intake to anything more than 30gms per sitting . It should be accompanied by regular and monitored workout sessions and a balanced diet for an overall beneficial effect on body sculpting or body building

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Whey protein is a staple of bodybuilding supplements and is a perfect blend of proteins required by bodybuilders that undergo strenuous daily workouts. Muscle guru is an authorized distributor of all leading Supplement Brands in India.

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